Spain: Beach, Please

Dress - Cortefiel
Glasses - H&M
This will be my last post on Spain! This dress/shirt stripey thing is a dream. I was walking by a random store (which turned out to be Cortefiel), did the mistake of glancing in and ended up coming back with this beauty. Not that I regret it as it is so comfy and perfect to throw on top of a bikini. I did get a tiny bit hot though due to the long sleeves but I think it will be perfect for the Finnish 25 degree-summer and the Fall season in the Netherlands. 
Now my sight is already set on my trip to Greece. As I've told everyone, I have this project called a 10-day fitness miracle. Now, yes, everybody knows that you cannot lose weight in a bit over a week but that doesn't mean I won't goddamn try. I have forbid myself on doing any kind of pre-trip shopping (my weakness) but I'm already slipping. If anyone actually bothers reading this, please come over and freeze all my cards. Or knock me unconscious. Because otherwise I will find a way. I am the Liam Neeson of the shopping universe.