Spain: Villa Amerador, amor

Skirt - Selected
Top - New Look
Shoes - Zara

I was and still am in love with the house we rented. It used to be a restaurant and a pool bar, but now has been renovated to a villa. I wanted to post an outfit I wore when we went to the bars of Alicante one night, as I liked it a lot. It didn't photograph as well as I hoped but the beige/cream color of my top matched exactly the color of the front of my heels. I also wanted to throw in some pictures I got during that day, which just perfectly depict the beauty of the place. I'm going to stop gushing now. I'm back in Finland and I have just finished a season of Lie to Me on Netflix. Oh boy how I love summer. Tomorrow I have to work though but it's not enough to burst my summer bubble of holiday happiness.