Spain: Canvas Shorts and Karting

Wearing: Everything Brandy Melville, except for sunglasses, which are vintage

Greetings from Spain! We rented a house in El Campello for 10 days with our family and friends and it was exactly what I needed after the stressful year in University. On one of the days we went to a Karting track in Benedorm, and it was so much fun. The cars we drove went up to 80km in speed and I had to employ all of it because we were racing. It was only our crew on the track so we could have a full on race with the time laps to determine the placings in the start of the race and everything. I absolutely loved it but afterwards we were all soaked in sweat and covered by bruises because when you tried to get a tight turn in one of the curves you were always thrown a bit to the side of the car. I full heartedly recommend karting as an activity if you are looking for something fun to do as a group with family or friends or both.
As to what I was wearing, it was so hot that my motto became 'less is more'. I have so many of these patterned shorts that are made of light textile/material. They are so easy and comfortable to throw on that they have become my summer go-to. Brandy Melville is definitely specialized in them because they have dozens of different ones. I think the brand is the epitome of comfortable and easy summer-wear, which is why I like to wear it so much during the summer.