Greece: IOS pt 1

1. Top + sunglasses - H&M
       Shorts - Jacqueline de Yong
2. Pants - Bik Bok                
              Top - Handmade, from a market

I must let you in on a secret: The 'bikini top' I wore in the first pictures is not an actual bikini top. But the thing is, it looked exactly like a bikini top. I had been looking for one like it in every store and the material felt like it too, so I thought 'what the hell' and wore it as one anyway. Also, since it miraculously stayed in top condition regardless of beach wear, it was a win-win purchase since now I also have a bomb-ass bralette! Sneaktastic! (Sneaky + fantastic)

I had so much fun in Ios. The island was so beautiful but it was also full of young travelers and thus had an amazing night life. The last pictures were in fact taken around 5 or 6 am when we got back to our hotel room from a night out. It's rare for me to be able to 'document' my outfits to go out since its always dark around that time so of course I bounced on the chance. The dress code to go out in Ios is super beachy and casual. It's a continuation of the beach parties so the vibe is the same. I had never thought to wear these pants to go out but combined with the more open lace top, it made a pretty banging outfit for the Ios night (even though I do say so myself).

More on Ios on my next post. 

Ciao + a hundred kisses,