Greece: Thessaloniki + Halkidiki

Oh man! It has been way too long since I last uploaded a post. Here are some more pictures from my travels in Greece, this time in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. I still have some nice shots from Athens that I haven't uploaded, but since I've been having trouble with with the export of the pictures from my memory card, I thought I'd make a separate post as a throwback some time later during the year.
Furthermore, I did include some of my outfits from the vacation but I will not include what is from where, what shops, etc. If you wish to know, you can always comment below or ask via email!

Thessaloniki and Halkidiki were both amazing. Thessaloniki is a big city in Greece but as opposed to Athens, it's located by the sea. Even though it was super hot during my stay (I think the local heat record was broken on one of the days), the city was still full of life. As my local friend showed me, the thessalonikians like to spend their time off by lounging in the hip sea side caf├ęs and sipping frappe. Despite my vow to avoid shops, we also ended up hitting the shops in down town. In my defence though, the sales were crazy. In Zara they had products with 50% off!! Good thing I didn't buy the whole store. To be honest, if I hadn't been so worried about whether my money extended to keep me fed during the trip I probably would have...

In contrast to the city life, Halkidiki was the perfect beach get-away. It consists of three peninsulas, of which two of them contain awesome beach clubs and holiday resorts. A lot of people who live in Thessaloniki have a summer house in Halkidiki or go there for a summer holiday. Interestingly enough, the third peninsula contains a monastery (Ouranoupoli) and is completely closed off from women.