Dress - Cortefiel
                  Head piece - Asos
                   Shoes - Bershka

Hello lovelies! I actually shot this look a few weeks ago but I've been a bit lazy with uploading, as you might have noticed. I have another outfit of the day coming up as well and I have a feeling that you're going to love it! 
I'm a bit stressed out at the moment because my flight back to Maastricht leaves tomorrow morning at freaking 8 am, and there's still a crazy amount of errands I need to take care of. It's typical me to leave things for the last minute. Even though, technically I haven't since there's still time (my bad math head ruins this joke, but like HOURS) until its 7:59 am. So technically I haven't left everything for the last minute, because I'm responsible like that... Ahem. 
(I'm pretty sure I stole that joke from a meme. Chill out copyright lawyers.)
Anyways, back to things that matter, par conséquent, my outfit. (Hair flip.) If you read my blog you might notice that I wore the same dress as a casual beach throw-on in spain. I was suprised to see how well the dress works both in an extremely casual setting (such as a beach) and a more smart casual/fancy setting as well.  All in all, very convenient and wearable.  It all boils down to stripes, which are widely popular at the moment. (Take Zara, for example. Stripes everywhere.) Vertical stripes are almost always (like, with 1% statistical margin, which basically doesn't exist, excluding bad luck) smart casual. When you find a comfortable garment and add stripes to it- BAM- you get immediate transformability. If I was good at math I'd write you a formula.
Anyways, now I'm off to all the tasks that are not being taken care of at the last minute. (I'm actually walking in the city and typing at the same time, no lie...)
Until next post!

See I didn't lie. I'm a mess