A high waist is a short girl's savior

Long striped jacket & pants - Zara
Black tee - H&M

Days are rolling by, parties come and parties go. I spend most of my time in the library studying. There are 3 or so days left, if you still count today, for my birthday. I still haven't figured out what I want to do for my birthday. Turning twenty gives me slight anxiety. On one hand, twenty is starting to feel like the so-long desired adulthood. On another hand, I don't think a number will magically turn me into an adult. With this rate I'll have to wait until sixty. Malala Yousafzai built a freaking school for Syrian refugees for her 18th birthday. What have I achieved so far? When you are a teenager, life sort of feels like a test run. You test out things and you act like an adult, but yet you don't have to do the paper work or pay taxes, or if you fuck up you are forgiven because you are 'just a kid'. The fact is my friends, that I don't think 'just a kid' extends to twenty-year-olds. Thus, entering into my twenties feels like entering into that real run of your one single life. Things suddenly count towards how my life will turn out. And I don't think my evil alter-ego, the Netflix-self, really likes that idea.

On a lighter note though, do you know what week it is, bitches? New York Fashion week!!! (Cue in trumpets) I'd sell my arm to be in New York right now. I found a website here, where you can watch the fashion shows and stream live. I've been obsessed with this sheer, and light material (as the striped zara jacket suggests) and lace lately. Needless to say I was obsessed with Tadashi Shoji's dress collection where she combined both sheer and lace. Got me wondering if it would be too late to win the lottery, and switch my law ball dress into one of his. Or maybe if I buried him in emails and bombed him in social media, he'd cave in and send me one as a charity case. Hmm...
In my today's look, I combined a long top with cropped ankles. To prevent that supper short, pudgy effect, as I am not indeed a 180 cm tall model ( I know, I know I also get shocked every time I remember), the pants had a higher waist which added length to the bottom, despite the cropped pant. God bless high waisted bottoms, which create the illusion of longer legs. Seriously. 
God. Bless. 

If I have time, I will make a more detailed post only about New York Fashion Week later. Until then, my Fashion Fellas (nerdy laughter sounding in the distance).

I took a screen shot of The Dress....

Kisses, kisses, kisses,