OOTD: blur and rain

Dress & Shoes - Zara
Fur vest - Versage for H&M

Hola amigos! (I just got myself a Spanish tutor and I'm so excited, please bare with me...) 
It's raining here in Maastricht, which is actually a relief after 30 degrees and no air conditioning. I'm excited to be back and there are many exciting events to look forward to. 

Yesterday, I ended up in Zara by accident (I blame my shopaholic friends) and ended up taking home a white long vest, this cool sheer shirt vest thing, shoes, and most importantly a black suede dress with studs, which I LOVE and wore today. Paired up with the fur, and a pointy toe, I had the perfect combating-the-cold-but-still-not-ready-to-let-go-of-summer outfit. Now I'm off to figure out what to wear tonight, as I'm going to an open air festival.