The top I'm wearing is from! I spontaneously got it during the Cyber Monday deals on I was glad to find that it was totally worth the buy! We flew to Zanzibar Island for the last four days of our 10-day trip. During those four days we mostly just enjoyed the sun and chilled by the ocean. We also went to feed turtles on a special turtle conservation site. To my dismay one ungrateful bastard bit me while I was trying to feed it a piece of seaweed. All was quickly forgiven though, because have you seen how cute those little creatures are?? After all, the bite did not turn out to be radioactive and so the teenage mutant ninja turtles did not gain a fifth member. Too bad as well since I would have totally vouched for Gigi Hadid or Hailey Baldwin to be cast as me in the movie remake (Megan Fox should watch out). 
Our hotel was located in Nungwi but we also visited Stone Town with its huge local market and narrow dusty streets. The town used to be a glorious trade centre with developed architecture for its time. Even the Romanian Sultan moved his throne to Zanzibar and ruled over Romania and Zanzibar from there. Now the city is much different due to poverty and corruption. However, the large sailboats for fishing docked on the glimmering sea, the beautifully decorated doors and the busy pace of the people still provide a glimpse to what it used to be. It was the New Year's eve and the local men where having fun by jumping from the high pear into the ocean, fully clothed and all. 
Now I am back in Finland, but will get back to Maastricht on Thursday this week. I'm still glad I got to drop in for a few days, as we finally got some snow here. 
Keep your eyes out, there is a new post coming up soon featuring my new favorite shoes, which I got from Elna for Christmas.