Oh god, only two days until exams! Who else is a major stress head? If you are, do not be afraid. I have the perfect stress hair tip for a stress head. It is called a pull-braid-going-fishtail and even though it sounds ridiculously complicated, it took a braiding noob like me only ten minutes. I obviously did not come up with the idea but I found a tutorial for it by the Cute Girl Hairstyles. (What a cute name also.) I will put the the link to the video below. 
Since it is an exam season for a lot of people, I took it upon myself to find 5 ways to reduce stress. (You're welcome. Now you don't have to buy that expensive wrinkle cream. See? Coming here was the right choice.)

1. Visualise success

This tip was given by Dr. Mike, in his advice video for NowThis. According to him you need to concentrate and picture yourself succeeding in whatever stresses you out (his idea was a date but fuck that who needs a love life when you can have exams, am I right??). This will create positive signals in your brain and reduce your stress levels. In my opinion watching this beautiful man is already enough to reduce stress levels. Anyone else suddenly feeling sick?!

2. Blow cool air onto your thumb

... Yeah... this one is definitely a bit tricker, especially if you are out in the public and do not want to look like a lunatic. No worries though! Public stalls are not only good for a good old stress sob. You can do other things in there as well, such as blow air on to your thumb. I saw this tip on the Buzzfeed body hacks but I think I'll definitely let you guys try it out first... 

3. A Good Old Stress Sob

No description required. We all have done this. Don't lie.

4. Meditate

"Research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain's neutral pathways, making you more resilient to stress" - Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD 

5. Look constipated

Just kidding. This is an old trick my aunt taught me. You have to inhale until you feel like your lungs will burst. (Don't be a sissy this is a badass inhale I'm talking about here, it won't work otherwise.) Then hold your breath and count to 5, after which you can exhale. This is particularly useful right before exams if you tend to blank out due to stress. This has to do with the body's reaction to stressful situations due to the survival mechanism ingrained in our DNA. For example, if you almost get run by a bike, your body enters into this stress mode that is vital to survival, but not so nice in the long run if you are trying to get work done. Taking a long-ass breath signals to your body that everything is ok and  therefore breaks you out of the stress mode. 

+ 1 - Have your hair on fleek

It obviously reduces stress when you can look fabulous while stressed the F-out. This way you  know that you will always have the back up option of finding yourself a rich spouse.

Ok that was it. I hope you have a great (stress free) day.