Country Therapy


Jacket - Vans
Jumpsuit - Zara
Choker - Self made

I find myself surprisingly content on the countryside. I mostly spend my days going for runs in the woods and reading. Nothing with literary merit, really. Mostly entertaining stories of heroes and heroines and unknown lands. I've always had my heart set on fantasy. I'm the person who makes lists of made up books with invented content for the fear of someone asking what I'm reading. God forbid I'd have to start reading real 'adult books'.

When I do manage to tear myself away from the books I spend time with family playing mariokart and jenga. We also watched two horror movies that left the back of my neck tingling for the next couple of days. It feels so good to do nothing after such a hectic year of studying. I can practically feel my brain generating new rested brain cells (ok, I'm fairly sure that the science doesn't work that way but just treat it as a metaphor). When I'm removed from the city I also feel removed from the obligation to be social. It's like I have a permission to just lounge around and read my books. Just goes to show that I'm a slight introvert. Also, I find myself doing things I normally wouldn't bother to do, such as going fishing, painting window sills, or scrubbing down the handrails of our porch. All these things that require mere physical effort prove to be quite therapeutic. 

Not just that, but I also love the freedom to dress and look exactly as ugly as I want. It kind of makes me feel powerful in a sort of unapologetic way. I have to admit some days I've even tried to find the most careless combinations I could possibly muster. In fact I tried to dress so uncool it became cool in its own right. If grunge ever breaks through street fashion properly again, all I'm saying is that my unapologetic country style will have its time to shine. Event though I love the city and can't wait to get back to the civilisation, my time on the countryside has been a well appreciated break from the reality. Exactly what I needed.