Ride or Die

Pants and top - Bik Bok
Denim Jacket - Levis (Vintage Fare)

For this look I wanted to go for something fun but comfy to wear to the amusement park. I think that the flowy tribal pants were a perfect fit as they paid homage to the colorful and fun atmosphere of an amusement park but did not compromise in comfort either. I love simplicity in my looks and dislike when there is too much going on in one look. The hack for me is to have one 'show stopper' piece and keep the rest of the outfit to as neutral as possible in terms of color and pattern. The key thing to realize, however, is that neutral does not automatically translate into boring. What I mean by this is that one should still have fun with the cut of the other pieces in the outfit. For example, my top is kept to a simple white to accentuate the pattern and beautiful blue of the pants, but is by no means boring due to the fun criss-crossing cut. 

The day itself proved to be so much fun. After days of binge watching Netflix, Elna and I decided that it was time to resurface into the real world and do something active. The smart human beings that we are, of course we ended up being hungover that day. In addition to this, we both suffer from motion sickness, a clear proof that we are internally sixty years old. Needless to say we did some heavy water drinking and nose-breathing that day. Still, the intellect bunch that we are, we went to every single head-upside-down roller coaster we could find. Emphasis on the word roller coaster though. One life-lesson from experience that I will gladly pass on to anyone who cares to listen is the default rule to avoid all non-roller coaster rides that go head upside down. Seriously, don't do it. It's highly a 'ride or die' situation with less 'ride' and more 'die'. Now that I have saved you all, I will return back to my Netflix account. Until next time.