70s Block heels & Military Greens

Shoes - Asos
The Green Duster - Find a similar one here 

Ring ring, it's the 60s calling! They would like to get their shoes back, but guess what? We aren't having it. The ones that I am wearing (by ASOS) are clearly inspired by the current 70's low block hee trend. Yet the shoes also contain elements of the late 60s as the sharp toe suggests. The shoes are also giving me slight Céline vibes due to the rather narrow vamp/opening of the shoe, even though the Céline shoes do have a deeper V-cut. As someone who is obsessed with shoes sporting a sharp toe, you can guess that I am beyond excited sharp toed shoes are back stronger than ever and will probably be poor come winter due to a hundred new pairs of shoes.
Another recent trend that has been seen on the store front lately is the military greens and anything military related such as the military style bomber jackets. Thus, when I found this light military green duster jacket in the fall sales, I snagged it off of the racks immediately. Seriously, I swear it was lightning speed eye and hand made the connection... 
That's it for now, and a more exhaustive list of the fall trends coming soon.